Should the Depot complex be turned into an arts trust with studios, galleries and classes for the public?

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Do you want to be involved?

Be at the birth of something new and innovative which will be a legacy for Clapton and Hackney for years to come - be in at the foundation of this Cultural Hub! 

Find out more about the

Launched on Oct 4th, CAT is now a reality. Now the work starts fulfilling the trusts aims.

 Our new website will be up soon with lots of info but in the meantime... your support by signing the petition for the arts trust below

If you can help or want to be involved, in the first instance please contact me at or contact councillor Ian Rathbone at

For more background info:

...and keep an eye out for the official new C.A.T. website, coming soon

but please don't leave before signing the petition below...

Follow the logo design process:

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